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Foot Care

Foot Care Do's and Don'ts

Prepared Especially for Persons with Diabetes

1. Clean!
Clean and check feet daily! Wash with warm, not hot, water. Pat dry. Check all over for blisters, corns, calluses, and scratches.

2. Condition!
Use a moisturizer or cream daily. Choose one without perfume or alcohol.

3. Care!
Clip nails straight across. Let your doctor or foot doctor take care of corns or calluses and ingrown toenails.

4. Cover!
Always wear shoes, sneakers, or slippers to protect your feet! Make sure they fit correctly and don't rub or scratch. Cotton socks let your feet breathe!

5. Use Caution and Call!
Be careful. Walk in good light. Take care in slippery places! Call your doctor if you have pain, swelling, soreness - any change in your feet!

6. Don't
Soak or scrub feet

7. Don't
Use drying medicines like iodine or medicated corn pads!

8. Don't
Try to trim calluses, corns, or ingrown toenails yourself!

9. Don't
Go barefoot -- ever!

10. Don't
Wear tight shoes, socks, or garters!

11. Don't!
Ignore any foot or leg problems -- even small ones can get serious!